Company Updates

Beaver Express Inc. began in 1990 as a messenger service delivering small packages:

We now have acquired Cargo Vans with the ability to carry medium sized freight, and we also have a box van with a loading lift gate. This will accommodate our customer’s needs by allowing us to ship large or heavy items within our efficient delivery times.

Our Website has been updated. You can now place orders online, and soon we will have new software completed for tracking all packages and making it user friendly. We are starting with, “digital way bill”, to get price quotes and specific needs of our customers, and to represent them in a professional way. It is meant to represent you as if you were delivering the package personally.

Even with higher technology in place, you are always encouraged to contact the office at your convenience with any questions. Sometimes direct communications by phone can clear up any and all confusion.

We now specialize in Medical Deliveries. All of our drivers are employees. They carry ice packs, coolers, dry ice, and spill kits. They have the ability to accommodate temp sensitive specimens, such as, Frozen, refrigerated, or room Temp.

On a personal note, you will find that when dealing with a small responsive company like our own, we can efficiently adapt to your needs and changes should they arise.

Dan Martin
President, Beaver Express, Inc.